Our astute environmental permitting support assists operations across wide-ranging industrial sectors

Environmental planning

Major sites require an environmental permit to operate under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) in England and Wales and the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) Regulations in Scotland. This permit specifies the application of best available techniques (BAT) to eliminate pollution altogether or to at least reduce it to harmless levels.

Permit variations

RSK Geosciences provides environmental permitting support to operators across a wide range of industrial sectors thanks to in-depth understanding of relevant legislation and technical guidance and experience of a variety of sites. This enables us to assist companies in achieving their permitting requirements, including new permits, variations and surrender applications. The environmental permitting regime is complex and requires detailed knowledge of technical guidance and experience of securing agreement with the regulators. We can manage the full life cycle of clients’ environmental permits, helping to save time and money and providing reassurance that the conditions of the permits are legally met. We constantly monitor the company’s activity and can inform our clients of any developments to the permitting status or amended legislative requirements.

H5 site condition assessments and updated baseline assessments

We can provide H5 site condition reports when required for environmental and PPC permitting and waste management licensing. Included in this is the support of new permits, variations, EU Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) baseline reporting and soil or groundwater monitoring requirements. We also offer National Quality Mark Scheme (NQMS) accreditation of our reports, which facilitates regulatory approval.

Soil and groundwater monitoring

Operating under an environmental permit requires an appraisal and the investigation of soil and groundwater conditions for the lifetime of the permit. “The extent and scope of any investigation necessary depends on the environmental sensitivity of the site and the nature and distribution of the activities being licensed,” says Associate Director Mike Owens. “RSK has developed a strong track record for helping its clients by undertaking the necessary risk assessment process to ensure the site investigation is designed to be fit for purpose. This includes providing an independent review of the pollution prevention and control measures in place to avoid impacts to soil and groundwater.”

We tailor ground investigations to the site’s characteristics, helping clients to demonstrate to the regulator that site conditions will be maintained. When contamination has occurred, we can design and undertake a detailed quantitative risk assessment or design and manage appropriate remedial actions.

Permit surrender applications and assessment of satisfactory state and need for site remediation

We have a solid reputation for successfully assisting companies to achieve their permitting requirements; we work closely with the client to gain in-depth understanding of their activities to then demonstrate that they meet the benchmarked requirements of BAT. In so doing, we provide a service that is consistent with the business objectives of an organisation while demonstrating good environmental governance to key stakeholders. For more information, click here.

Other sustainability and environmental services

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