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Our surveyors ensure consistency and accuracy to produce reliable data

The Geospatial team utilises the latest technology to collect, verify and process spatial data, providing professional advice and expertise to ensure cost-effective services for our clients. We have highly trained and competent land surveyors, measured building surveyors, scanning specialists, monitoring specialists, survey engineers and CAD technicians to undertake a wide variety of site survey services. With teams located across the UK, we are able to offer solutions for our clients without excessive travel and minimising the need to stay away when possible.

Topographic and land surveying

We offer a number of topographic survey options, ranging from a basic survey of limited site features to a comprehensive topographic survey with an accurate control network installed for ongoing construction mapped within an integrated CAD plan. We use the latest equipment for topographical data acquisition, such as global navigation systems, total stations and 3D scanners. Our surveys are completed to Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) standards for land engineering. Our teams are experienced in working across all industry sectors, with relative qualifications and certification for highway, rail, power, water, oil and gas and government, including education, local, NHS and military sectors.

Measured building surveys

Our specialist measured building surveyors are able to produce highly detailed building surveys for developers, architects and designers. We use the latest equipment for topographical data acquisition from total stations to a variety of 3D scanners. We are also investing in this area, working with suppliers and research institutions to explore new techniques for data acquisition and processing. Our surveys are completed to RICS standards. Our teams have experience working on a range of projects, including schools, civic buildings, theatres, shops and residential homes. Our experience enables us to produce multiple deliverables for our clients. With the development of point cloud capture, additional information can be pulled from the scan data, even after the site work has been completed, and can be used as historical evidence of building condition and inspection.


Our in-house team provides expertise in monitoring projects around the UK. Using high-accuracy levelling equipment, we are capable of carrying out a wide variety of monitoring tasks with deliverables that are high quality, accurate and efficient for our clients.

Bathymetric surveys

Our in-house team has the capability to carry out bathymetric surveys with the creation of deliverables such as volume calculations and bed/load levels, with work being completed across the country. These include within canals, lakes, ponds and other kinds of waterbodies, often near future development sites.

3D laser scanning

Our team of scanning experts is able to undertake 3D laser scanning projects across all types of sites, ranging from cliff faces and cave scans to building scans. Using a variety of specialist equipment and simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM), we are able to create accurate, detailed scans to deliver the best possible results to the client. Scan2BIM: our team of CAD and Revit technicians can produce models at a level of detail to suit your needs.

Highway surveys

We have worked with the UK-leading highway contractors in accordance with National Highways specifications. We conduct highway surveys to determine the most efficient route for moving the least amount of land. The survey results will help engineers decide on how to decrease the amounts of dirt transported, helping to minimise any impact to the environment and to reduce costs. Our crews have years of experience working on highways under traffic management and road closures.

Rail surveys

Our survey crews have experience working on multiple rail projects, including under possession. Our rail surveyors are Personal Track Safety (PTS) and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) trained, with experience working around conductor rail and overheads. We can provide data in SnakeGrid and OS.

3D laser scan surveys

We have a dedicated team of 3D scanning surveyors with a range of equipment in its arsenal, including the Leica ScanStation P40 and the RTC360 laser scanner. Any size of project can be accomplished with multiple options for data output.

Floodplain and cross section surveys

We have bathymetric survey crews experienced in surveying riverbeds for the Environment Agency and for flood plain surveys; this often includes cross sections through rivers and canals that can be created from completed digital terrain models (DTM).

Volume and stockpile calculations

Our surveyors have access to equipment and software to allow for volume calculation to be completed on stockpile or earthwork projects. Calculations can be provided in a multitude of formats, including cut and fill reports and colour graphic charts.

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