Looking into subsurface voids and how we compile data to help the planning of effective investigations

Subsurface voids (whether naturally occurring or man-made) and associated areas of soft ground present a significant risk to future, and existing, infrastructure and buildings. Unknown voids can be discovered during construction and can cause hazards and expensive delays to a project. The use of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) can be effective in identifying small or shallow voids in structures or ground up to 5 m in depth. Detailed analysis of microgravity readings can identify the size and shape of voids and is the primary method of void detection, particularly for locating deeper voids.

RSK Geophysics can assist in the detection of unforeseen and unknown buried structures such as tunnels, shafts and basements. Often, records showing the location of features are inaccurate. RSK Geophysics can help better define their location to help reduce the risk on-site.

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Featured case study
Geophysical survey of hidden air-raid shelters

A Housing Trust in London identified that a redevelopment site may contain air-raid shelters. The exact location and presence of the shelter structures needed to be determined. The geophysical techniques employed were ground-penetrating radar (GPR), an electrolocation survey with cover lifting exercise to identify buried utilities, a time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) survey and a microgravity survey.

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