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Our specialist geophysics team has a long-established track record of providing services to the energy, property, transport and public sectors

Geophysical techniques are generally non-intrusive methodologies that rely on contrasts in physical properties to detect features in the subsurface or in structures. RSK Geophysics can advise on the correct application of individual techniques and provide expert survey design, execution and reporting services. A particular method is rarely used in isolation. A reliable solution typically uses the combined results from several different methods. Our geophysics and ground investigation teams work together closely to design ground surveys. This approach provides a comprehensive and robust ground model using intrusive and geophysical information.

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New CIRIA guidance 2023 on geophysics

The CIRIA guidance C812 ‘Good practice guide to using geophysics in ground investigation. A client’s guide’ concretely describes the scope and uses of geophysical survey techniques (available to download here). RSK was involved in developing the document for CIRIA. It provides good examples of geophysics on a variety of different sites, highlighting good practice, where geophysics has been successful and where it has not. It aims to be honest about where geophysics does and does not work to help prevent pitfalls and increased risk and to ensure that clients get the right information.

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