Offering wide-ranging land remediation services

RSK Geosciences offers bespoke services to clients wishing to procure land remediation work to ensure the potential risks of developing on brownfield land are managed and the opportunities are realised. We have an experienced team of engineers, programme managers, quantity surveyors and site managers to provide advice from scheme inception through to verification. Assessing and allocating risks and opportunities early in the project programme enables clients to obtain their ideal balance between best value and price certainty. As part of preparing an abnormal cost assessment and programme, we will agree the most appropriate procurement strategy through discussion with the client. We will:

  • define the time, cost and quality priorities or objectives
  • establish any requirements of the client’s procurement system and/or public funding rules
  • draft a project brief to confirm the objectives and the documentation required to describe how these objectives and any quality standards will be met
  • prepare an initial risk or opportunity register to capture potential issues, then review and implement measures to control risk and create opportunity
  • identify likely planning and regulatory requirements (such as environmental permits)
  • develop a project programme (typically on a Gantt chart in MS Project) to identify the timescales, the milestone activities and a critical path
  • prepare an initial cost plan for the project, estimating the quantities and applying market rates to develop a cost for the known works
  • advise on the location of risk between the parties and an appropriate form of contract.

A brownfield abnormal cost estimate and programme will typically include all potential remediation work, additional to that required on a ‘greenfield’ site, including:

  • additional design services
  • extended programme
  • additional health, safety and welfare arrangements
  • further investigation of ground conditions
  • more resistant materials specification
  • soil and groundwater remediation
  • breaking and processing foundations, drains and other hard materials
  • waste disposal
  • taxes
  • high level of regulatory and stakeholder liaison
  • verification testing.

Other contract and expert witness services

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RSK Geosciences is part of the RSK group of companies

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