Our Geosciences team met in September in the beautiful setting of Warwick University.

The two-day conference was a great opportunity for our engineers, support staff, technicians, managers and leadership team to come together. Team leader and leadership meetings on the first day combined ideas and experiences to help shape the progress of the business and to catch up on key developments in the company and profession. A meal and drinks (including a quiz with prizes) enabled face-to-face socialising with colleagues we normally only see on video conferences and speak to on the phone.

The second day provided challenges to the Geosciences team from graduates to Managing Director Dave Anchor to discuss the shape of the business, the challenges facing our teams, including sustainability and agile working, and how they feed into the future direction of RSK Geosciences. We also took part in some team building, including recreating iconic film scenes with an umbrella, and enjoyed popular carnival games and treats, such as candy floss and a coconut shy.

GeoGerry RSK teddy bear