In a recent interview, we spoke with Jonathan Pearson, Toby Gibbons, and Twana Haji, key members of RSK’s new Birmingham office. We had the opportunity to learn more about the office’s dynamic environment, collaboration, and the strong sense of community they all share.


In terms of team culture, all three RSK members emphasize camaraderie, support, and commitment to excellence. They highlight face-to-face interactions as essential for effective communication and project execution. This approach fosters a cohesive and productive work environment, while also embracing modern hybrid and flexible working patterns that promote a healthy work/life balance. Occasional social events, such as post-work coffee outings and team meals, further promote morale and strengthen relationships among team members, solidifying the office’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive workspace.


Jonathan Pearson

is the newly appointed team leader; he infuses a fresh perspective into the office with his keen focus on collaboration and strategic networking. Having spent just a few months in the role, Jonathan has already immersed himself in the office’s operations, balancing his time between fostering internal connections and engaging with RSK’s wider network across the UK. His enthusiasm for the collaborative environment is palpable, as he speaks passionately about the office’s role as a powerhouse for geosciences services, offering comprehensive solutions, from ground investigations to environmental due diligence. Jonathan particularly emphasizes the office’s expertise in providing advisory services for developers and its meticulous approach to managing contaminated land conditions. Moreover, he highlights the office’s strategic location, nestled in the heart of Birmingham, which not only facilitates client meetings but also fosters a culture of collaboration and celebration of individual and team achievements.


Toby Gibbons, an experienced member of the RSK family, brings nearly 9 years of experience to the Birmingham office, infusing it with a wealth of knowledge. Toby recently transitioned into the Birmingham office from the Coventry office and highlights the benefits of the convenient central location and the hybrid working setting. Having recently transitioned into the Birmingham office from the Coventry office, Toby highlights the benefits of the convenient central location and the hybrid working setting. His tenure in Birmingham, spanning over two and a half months, has been marked by a deep appreciation for the multidisciplinary setup of the office. Without hesitation, Toby identifies his favourite aspect of the office as the richness of interaction and shared expertise among colleagues from various backgrounds fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration that is unmatched. Toby hints at the organic growth of collaborative initiatives within the office, driven by a shared passion for excellence and a collective desire to make a meaningful impact.


Twana Haji, a geotechnical engineer, offers his perspective on the collaborative culture and vibrant atmosphere that defines the Birmingham office. Having joined the team approximately a year ago, Twana reflects on the office’s focus on multidisciplinary initiatives and its collaboration with other teams within RSK. Twana’s experiences working on exciting projects across various locations, including soil nail designs for slope stabilization in Leeds and Sheffield, underscore the office’s expertise and contribution to large-scale endeavours. He also sheds light on the geotechnical services offered by the Birmingham office, highlighting their proficiency in design-related projects such as foundation designs and earthworks. Twana emphasizes the supportive environment and convenient location in Birmingham’s city centre, which further enhances collaborative efforts among different teams.


In conclusion, the Birmingham office of RSK stands as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and community. Through the insights shared by Jonathan Pearson, Toby Gibbons, and Twana Haji, it is evident that the office is not merely a place of work but a vibrant ecosystem where individuals come together to push boundaries, solve complex challenges, and forge lasting connections. As the office looks towards the future, its ambitions remain high, fuelled by a shared commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation.